Aromatherapy, bodycare products scented with pure essential oils, and products free of artificial fragrances are the main idea behind this store. But we’re about so much more than that. When we think of items we want to carry, it is always with a “joy of living” mindset. Everything we make and sell is designed to help you enjoy life a little more in one way or another. Be it through relaxation, balancing, setting a special mood, energizing, invigorating, soothing, healing or getting a gift for someone special. It’s about enjoying life’s simple but important pleasures. Joie de Vivre represents exactly that: the joy of living.

Diane Docherty-Roy

Port Hope's Destination for all things Aromatherapy, Bodycare and Gifts!


Come visit beautiful Port Hope. Make a day of it. Take a walk down Walton street and do some shopping, dining or better yet, visit one of the many spas in the area. When you're here, come say hello to us at Joie de Vivre and discover thousands of aromatherapy, bodycare and gift ideas. Here's a small sampling of what you will find:


  • Head to toe bodycare products such as lotions, scrubs, polishes, massage oils, bath bombs, bath salts, shampoos and tons more

  • Soaps in a seemingly endless variety of natural scents

  • An amazing selection of essential oils and carefully crafted blends

  • Custom-scenting is available for many products, at no extra charge

  • Canadian-made jewellery

  • All kinds of unique girly girl items and men's stuff too

  • Natural bath and bodycare brands exclusive to this area such as:

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Want bath bombs? These are made with REAL essential oils, not artificial perfumes.